Nape Razor

FEATHER Nape Razor is designed for neck shaving, finishing and hair design.

Feather Nape Razor features a small handle and smaller blade design for ease in shaving. 0.15 mm thick stainless steel blades are covered by a thin wire mesh for safety and a close shave. This razor is excellent for professional trimming of the nape and for tribal hair design.

  • Body is made of stainless steel, ABS resin and soft resin(slip stopper).
  • Claw is made of polyacetal.
  • Handle is made of ABS resin.
  • Please use Nape Blade for replacement blades.
  • Sliding blade-loading system enables safe loading.
  • When the razor comes into contact with chemical such as perm solution, wash with water and dry it. Do not use acidic disinfectant.
  • Remove the blade from the razor when you do not use it for half a day or longer, or while being disinfected.

Made in japan

Nape Razor